Our Sopi-plastic bag for smaller spaces
19 December 2016

Our Sopi-plastic bag for smaller spaces

Plastic bag for smaller spaces

Get more space and create an improved working environment with our Sopi – the trash bag for smaller spaces. With our new design solution, we have a neater and more manageable Sopi – both the bag and holder are 100% recyclable.

A 100 % recyclable trash bag

Our Sopi plastic bags are made of recyclable polyethylene and the holder of polypropylene. Each block contains 50 pieces specially folded bags mounted on a plastic holder attached to a single holder of metal. Today the Sopi bag is used in many of the cleaning industry’s different areas – trains, offices, hotels, cars, buses and bathrooms. Most SJ trains today have our Sopi bag – maybe you recognize it?

Sopi – the trash bags for smaller spaces!

So what’s new about our Sopi?

Our new Sopi is available from November 1st, 2016.

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