Regenerated foil

1000017 Regenerated foil

Grey / transparent foil delivered folded on a roll. The product is made exclusively of recycled plastic making it the best environmental option in the selection of cover films. Environmental foil may vary in color depending on the raw material composition.

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Regenerated foil

Product characteristics

10000172000 x 50 m, double folded0,070 mmGrey/Transp
10000182000 x 50 m, double folded0,100 mmGrey/Transp
10000192000 x 50 m, double folded0,150 mmGrey/Transp
10000204000 x 50 m, Bellow folded0,100 mmGrey/Transp
1000021 (On order)4000 x 50 m, Bellow folded0,150 mmGrey/Transp