Shaft protective net

3200001 Shaft protective net

Net made of low density polyethylene which is used to protect the threads, sensitive surfaces and products. All delivered in full cardboard.

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Shaft protective net

Product characteristics

3200001Type nr 01A6-25 mmGrey
3200002Type nr 110-30 mmBlue
3200003Type nr 1A25-40 mmGrey
3200004Type nr 1B40-60 mmGreen
3200005Type nr 1C80-85 mmYellow
3200006Type nr 1D30-45 mmBrown
3200007Type nr 2A40-75 mmBlack
3200008Type nr 2B40-95 mmRed
3200009Type nr 2C70-130 mmBlue
3200010Type nr 2D130-210 mmBlack
3200011Type nr 3A9-25 mmOrange
3200014Type nr 3D95-160 mmYellow
3200015Type nr 3E60-180 mmGreen
3200016Type nr 3F160-320 mmOrange

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