PolySTRETCH standard, daily price

2200001 PolySTRETCH Plus resinex 530, daily price

Stretch film with sticky inside for machines. Capable for pre-stretch up to 150%. Made from virgin LLDPE. Available in various colors, where black offers the most confidentiality.

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PolySTRETCH standard, daily price

Product characteristics

2200001500 mm x 1700 m0,020 mm, 16,6 kg/rlsTransp
2200002500 mm x 1500 m0,023 mm, 16,8 kg/rlsTransp
2200003500 mm x 2000 m0,017 mm, 16,6 kg/rlsTransp
2200082500 mm x 1500 mm0,023 mm, 16,8 kg/rlsBlack
2200083 (on order)500 mm x 1500 mm16,7 kg/rleWhite