Liner bags HDPE

6090066_6000008 Tough and wear resistant liner bags

Tough and wear resistant liner bags made of LLD polyethylene. Produced from 100% new raw material and thus guaranteed odorless. LLD-bags are ideal for bins both including offices and in sterile environments. High quality requirements for food packaging diverse articles.

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Liner bags HDPE

Product characteristics

6090064480 x 540 mm0,007 mmWhite
600000130 l 510 x 570 mm0,008 mmWhite
609001730 l 520 x 580mm0,007 mm
609018330 l 520x570x0,008 mm0,008 mmWhite
6000029500 x 600 mm0,005 mmWhite
6090061510 x 570 mm0,010 mmWhite
6000002Basko 20 560 x 600 mm0,010 mmWhite
600000335 l 600 x 600 mm0,010 mmWhite
600000530 l 510 x 570 mm0,012 mmWhite